Rachel Spurr

Rachel project manages and facilitates change within the Public Sector, through working at a senior level in Wrexham Council in change and performance, leading groups across North Wales which support collaborative working and participating in groups whose role is to develop information to inform policy development within the Welsh Government.

In Wrexham Council, Rachel has led many change projects using her abilities to work with the broadest range of stakeholders and win their confidence over ambitious and risky change. Projects delivered include the Transformation Change Programme, the integration of Children's Social Services with Education to form the first integrated Children and Young People's Service in Wales, implementation and auditing of quality management ISO 9000 systems in Housing Services and PVCu window manufacture and the development of a regeneration and change programme across three deprived communities.

Rachel has chaired the Regional Collaboration Officers Group in North Wales which seeks to challenge and support collaborative service delivery. She was also instrumental in the working group who developed the legislation to support the formation of Local Service Boards in Wales and putting it in to practice in the local area.