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SCAMPER is a tool for creative thinking.

Alex Osborn, a pioneer in the development and teaching of creativity techniques identified nine key ways to challenge a subject. They were later arranged into the mnemonic SCAMPER by Bob Eberle.

S   Substitute. ie Who else instead?

C   Combine. ie How about a blend or merge?

A   Adapt. ie What else is like this?

M   Modify/Magnify/Miniaturise. New twist?

P   Put to other uses. Other markets, other fields?

E   Eliminate. What could be taken away, smaller, lower, higher?

R   Reverse/rearrange. Turn it backwards, upside down, inside out?

How you might go about using SCAMPER????

Download a generator for some more SCAMPER prompt phrases here.

They say...

Nearly all the tools and techniques in Amanda’s portfolio were put to use in a really challenging, full strength industrial environment and to a degree it was a leap of massive faith to choose this approach. It has far exceeded everyone’s expectation and looks well on the way to being not just sustained, but continually improved.

Senior Manager
Airline Sector