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Amanda Graham

I love to work with people on all aspects of their personal and team development and particularly in creative thinking using techniques such as de Bono Six Thinking Hats, Mind Mapping, Metaphors, Provocation, Reverse Brainstorming, and many others. My great passion is facilitating creative thinking skills with groups and feedback from participants in my workshops highlights my ability to gel with groups I've not met before very quickly and my enthusiasm. Moments of insight and powerful learning they experience seems to stay with them.

We work with all sorts of people. We teach MSc students in Lille, on their Business Incubation Project, where they deliver innovation to real clients as part of their course, we teach in Singapore, we work with top teams at UK Councils to help them deliver excellent public services and helped plc's with their strategy development, performance management and resulting change programmes.

As part of the £2M promoting!nnovation programme I did more than 25 in-company 'live' creativity and innovation sessions in the West Midlands and ran five Innovation Champions Programmes. I have worked on numerous Executive Development Programmes from the Introduction to Corporate Leadership for senior Civil Servants at Sunningdale College to Creative Thinking Skills with O2, the mobile phone company and on the Oxford Brookes MBA and at Warwick Business School.

Some other organisations you might recognise are BT, Oxford City Council, Wrexham County Borough Council, Denbighshire County Council, the NHS, the DTI, Zurich Financial Services, Radio Aire and Magic.

My corporate life culminated in being Innovation Manager for a Science and Technology business then, 10 years ago, I became an independent working in training and consultancy.

I am a Continuing Professional Development junkie! Here's my list... Master's in Management Development in 1999, foundation course in Transactional Analysis, SIMA coaching qualification, qualified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Advanced Facilitation Skills in USA, Thiagi's Interactive Training Strategies, ropes course instructor, LIFO qualified.

M.Sc. Management Development B. Sc. (Hons) Pure Physics

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They say...

As one of Amanda students at Warwick Business School I would like to thank Amanda for stimulating my newly found interest in creative thinking and innovation. Amanda's knowledge and inspirational delivery style kept the lectures interesting, energized and extremely enjoyable. The knowledge gained during the workshops has helped stimulate idea generation, engaging the team to help generate ideas surrounding new product launches to re-defining our competitive edge; these are all critical components to help keep us at the top of our game. Thanks again Amanda.

Leon Hogg
Sales Manager
ITW Gema UK, ITW Industrial Finishing

I wish I could choose more than three attributes to describe Amanda (and Steve). Amanda and Steve's Creativity and Innovation workshop was definitely the highlight of my exchange studies with EDHEC Business School. The two are highly passionate about their work, undoubtedly knowledgable, creative, and above all, are extremely personable, funny, and genuine. In the short 2 weeks I spent under Amanda and Steve's instruction, I have gained a wealth of knowledge that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. I highly recommend the two to anyone seeking to push their creative boundaries. Thank you Amanda and Steve for your sheer excellence!

Edward Gunawan
MSc Entrepreneurship

Thank you again for your time and advice. It was a real pleasure (and so much fun!) working on this project. Best wishes,

Mehdi Zemmama
Senior Negative Consultant
The Six Hats Consulting Group
MSc Strategic Organisational Consulting EDHEC Business School, Lille

Story telling excellent idea.
Great fun but interesting and informative.
Very good session, some very useful techniques for me to apply in the work place.
Lots of practice which was good.
Interesting new techniques which I will try with the regional team.

Executive Development Programme
Napp Pharmaceuticals

I found this very useful as the only model I was previously familiar with was brainstorming. I was previously sceptical/unsure how to put creativity into practice, but this has given me plenty of ideas and tools, and more confidence.
Introduction to Corporate Leadership Programme for the Civil Service