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Strategy mobilisation from the kitchen

Peek Traffic commenced the mobilisation of their strategy with their Leadership Group with a desire to make it as engaging as possible.

Steve had spent a number of days with them in the preceding months working through a full strategy process, using a number of tools from creative visioning, through strategy mapping and Balanced Scorecard concluding with a robust, well thought through strategy for their growth plans.

Next, mobilisation - the hard bit!

Marc, who was designing this process, decided that he would like to aim for great engagement and understanding for the cascading of the strategy and asked if we would help design an experiential workshop.

The snapshots show what we designed in a couple of hours sitting round the kitchen table. We decided the best way would be for all participants to experience a mini version of what the Directors had done in coming up with the strategy. So using a variety of processes from creating new strategy maps from "jigsaw" pieces, to prioritising values using values cards, we came up with a five hour programme.

They say...

The session in the kitchen enabled me to visualise how the workshop sessions would achieve the objectives of being interactive rather than a teaching style and of developing ownership with the managers of our strategy mobilisation. It also enabled me to fully comprehend how the Directors and I would run the workshops. The programme equalta developed was exciting, enjoyed by all and had the added benefit of contributing ideas for further strategy development.

Marc Roberts
Business Development Director
Peek Traffic