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Faith, hope and clarity

Thanks to Andy Knowles, Director of Operations at Peek traffic for these thoughts.

It's a favourite saying of Steve's "There is faith, hope and clarity - and the greatest of these is clarity!"

It is fair to say that Steve's style of coaching is towards the directive end of the spectrum, evidenced by the phrase often heard... "grasshopper, why you no listen!" but it seems to work and go down well...

I have now been working with Stephen Heeley of equalta for over 5 years, although these days he has simply become Steve. He continues to provide excellent management and leadership coaching, really facilitating my thinking development to a strategic level.

He uses many tools and techniques to suit individual styles and levels, in my case we decided upon monthly 1:1 sessions held off site, well away from my working environment, sometimes simply walking the streets of a city or through the countryside, always talking and challenging each other as we go. To some this may seem strange, yet for me it works perfectly, no mobile phones or emails or even PA's to distract the thinking. These days pass very quickly, yet the content and depth of thinking stays with me, I then recall the learning themes when needed back in normal everyday working life. It works, try it for yourself!

Steve is very personable, experienced and has a wealth and depth of knowledge from many different industry sectors, he uses real life examples to assist with my thinking, this helps, as personally I need reality. He is very astute and uses careful challenge to prise out your inner thinking, also occasionally perhaps some self doubt and helps re-align it all into a focused way forward.

I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to existing "leaders" or indeed anyone with leadership or management aspirations, there is no doubt he will help you fulfil and maximise your potential to its fullest.

They say...

I have had the privilege of working with several personal coaches over the years and Steve Heeley is unique among them.

If you think you know what you want to achieve, have the capability and a genuine desire to achieve it, but need help to decide upon the best way to manage a situation, a plan or even yourself, then Steve is without doubt the man to help get you to where you want to go... quickly.

The writer of this wishes to remain anonymous