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Facilitation - Team Development


Practising what we preach

Many thanks for this feedback which we received from a Head of Service in a UK Council.

Your style of working was flexible and highly responsive. It was clear that there were detailed and developed plans that sat behind each day, these however were very unobtrusive which was positive, leaving space and capacity to deal with developing the unexpected issue, whilst maintaining the overall goals and desired outcomes for the programme.

This sense of highly flexible and adaptive style, but within some clear boundaries, was useful as it allowed individuals and the group as a whole to flex in different directions but within the safety of knowing that we would be brought back into the centre of our activities / desired outcomes.

You are both, in your own words, a highly effective team. The detailed knowledge that you both have about each other's working styles/preferences/approaches is clearly understood but without being obtrusive. This modelling is very positive but more importantly it gives a sense of grounding and solidity to the work that you do.

What I am trying to say is that sometimes when you undertake management development work with co-trainers it can often feel that they are standing up and delivering the written programme as was agreed between them a week before and that anything could happen on the day and it wouldn't change the way that the co-trainers worked together. With yourselves you are at the opposite end of the spectrum, the way that you are clearly interacting with each other (albeit very unobtrusively at times) feels to me like real evidence that you were really engaging with us, that you were constantly thinking and responding to our needs and issues, evidence, if it were needed, that what we were getting was a continually developing and evolving programme.

They say...

This is my third attempt at this e-mail. Avoiding great, gushing thanks is proving difficult this evening!

You asked me several times as to whether the event was meeting my expectations. It is only now that it's over that I realise that I had incredibly high hopes but very mixed expectations. It is undoubtedly your skills that brought the delivery to the same level as my hopes and I am very grateful to you both. I sincerely hope that we will be able to collaborate further.

The Director who wrote this wishes to remain anonymous.