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Strategic magic

Thanks to Lawrence Isted for these thoughts.

Steve Heeley has undertaken work on visioning, strategic change, engagement and team development with Wrexham Council's Strategic and Performance Directors and Heads of Service; collectively the Council's Strategic Management Team.

This has entailed facilitating a series of workshops and discussions as well as one-to-one coaching/sounding board sessions with individual Directors and Heads, including myself.

In 25 years in Local Government I have not met a more skilful challenger of assumptions, and established behaviours, and creator of scenarios that give one the tools to change. He has skilfully turned our world upside down, but in doing so has guided us to devise our own way forward that, I believe, will make us better leaders as individuals and as a team.

If I were to try to unpick the magic in his approach I would say that it relates to his:

a) ability to show strategic thinking and, as importantly, to encourage others to do the same

b) wide-ranging knowledge of the subject matched by an ability to bring concepts and examples to life with clarity and brevity

c) ability to cut through the over-complicated and provide insightful suggestions, not pat answers

d) bravery in challenging senior officers to face unpalatable truths and to unpick their own behaviours/ motivations

e) quick-witted ability to think on his feet

f) support in helping officers find their own way

They say...

I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve to any senior management team or board grappling with the problems of leadership that face any public or private organisation.

Lawrence Isted
Head of Community Wellbeing and Development
Wrexham County Borough Council

Steve's relaxed approach and amiable personality ensured that sound relationships were established from the start. As we progressed through the workshops, those relationships were strengthened as Steve quickly gained the trust and respect of colleagues as a result of his relevant experience and expertise.

John Davies
Head of Lifelong Learning
Wrexham County Borough Council