the equalta symbol the meaning of the equalta name - equalta = ask, listen, think, act cartoon of Steve and Amanda on a seesaw

About Us

Our Values

The symbol we chose to represent equalta has significant meaning.
It is a stylised Chinese symbol representing innermost sincerity.

We strive in all our work to be sincere and truthful. We believe that this leads to relationships built on solid foundations and is the essence of trustworthiness. We are reliable, we do what we say we will do and we are comfortable taking difficult decisions.

We do not believe we are always right.
We do believe in providing clients with our honest opinions.
We are constantly seeking to learn and improve.

We wanted to link the way we work with the values we have.
We chose (in the end) to put together our need for fairness and openness into the theme of equality.

Our approach for any project is the same.

We ASK searching questions.
We LISTEN carefully to the answers.
We THINK about what they mean.
We ACT accordingly.

ASK-LISTEN-THINK-ACT is so central to the equalta principles that we included the ALTA acronym within our name.

equality + ALTA = equalta

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