cartoon character of Steve Heeley skyping a sad client

New and Exciting...

Paralysed by a business issue?

You don’t feel you can go to the boss? Nor HR? Nor a colleague? Or don’t want to?

Steve seems to have had exceptional success lately helping people who seem to be “stuck” and feel that they have no-one else to turn to or at least that they want their discussions to be independent and confidential.

People say things like

“thanks for helping me find my parachute, now I just need to find a safe place to land!”


“Your service is a Godsend”

For a discussion with Steve that will produce clarity, and straightforward, immediately accessible and actionable movement...not a coach, not a consultant, not a colleague – just a clear thinking, supportive resource for you.

Phone: 08442326242

Email: Steve Heeley

Skype: stephen.heeley