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Every year, Amanda has the privilege of going to Singapore to SIM, Singapore Institute of Management, to work with the students on the Diploma in Service Leadership. And every year she is absolutely delighted and inspired by the way they deliver on the Change Module

We do some content and then we enjoy teach-teach. That is, each of the groups are given a change model to study. They then use this change model and

1) analyse one of the group's personal experiences of change against it
2) observe it against the change management as explained in the DVD Can Gerry Robinson Fix the NHS?
3) Mind Map the change model

And then they use this structure to teach all they have learned to the rest of the groups.

Last year the models included:

The Heart of Change
John P Kotter and Dan S Cohen

Gung Ho! How to motivate people in any organisation
Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles
HBR April 2003

Tipping Point Leadership
W.Chan Kim and René Mauborgne

Now the reason why I am telling you all this is because the output I get from these students absolutely blows my mind.

link to download the students Tipping Point Leadership PDF

Check out their Singapore Tipping Point Leadership presentation (opens a PDF file in a new window, 274k download).

I particularly love the little test at the end.

students mind map

The Tipping Point Leadership Mind Map shows how creative their thinking is (opens in a new window, 100k download).

And finally... there are pictures of just how impressive their work on Change Modules has been (opens a new window and takes you to the Picasa website).

They say...

Dear Amanda

Thank you so much for your encouragement and the clear suggestions. I used to be like a block of wood (totally not creative at all) but after your guidance I think I can be creative in future. hee...hee. I am very keen to practice more on creativity as I realised it's so helpful and receptive by most people even on handling customers.

Sum Ling
Singapore student

Dear Amanda

Greetings from warm Singapore. Thank you very much for your guidance and refreshing concepts and techniques you've taught. Your teaching have impacted me. I've been consciously applying some of the techniques learnt, turning them to habit. I'm excited and can't wait to learn from you. Do hope to receive your guidance soon.

Angela Wong